Jared Boll will have a hearing on Thursday for his interference penalty on Pierre-Edouard Bellemare of the Flyers. The hit happened early in the second period of Philadelphia’s Tuesday’s game vs. Boll’s Columbus Blue Jackets.


This is one of the cleanest hits technique wise that you’ll ever see. Arms in. Stick down. No excessive force. Player Safety should probably make a video of this as an example of what exactly to do when throwing a check.

The only possible thing wrong with it is you could argue it was a hair late. Anything more than two minutes for interference was a real shame because it was such a perfectly beautiful hit.

It’s an absolute travesty that he was forced to fight immediately afterwards.

I imagine the reason this is being looked at is because it was called a 5:00 major and game misconduct. I can only hope it’s just a phone hearing and they don’t waste too much time on it.