Nazem Kadri isn’t ready to handle the NHL, and he proved it again against Detroit Red Wings. His selfishness and unwillingness to battle make him a liability for the Leafs, and an easy target for players and officials all around the league.

I’m not saying he’ll never be ready, but obviously whatever he’s being taught isn’t having much of an effect on him.

That’s easy enough to say after Kadri was recently fined $5,000.00 for his second diving offence. It’s even easier to say after his comments in reaction to that fine. Then last night he found himself completely out worked and out classed by Luke Glendening of the Wings.

Unable to knock Glendening off the puck, he was also knocked down twice himself while trying. A Leaf team mate had to skate by and take Glendening down for him. Ever the hero, Kadri couldn’t help but get a greasy shot in on him while he was down. Once Glendening got up, he again knocked Kadri down and skated away to the front of the net.The now helmetless Kadri skated blindly after him, and without any hesitation or looking around at the play, levelled Glendening with a high cross check.

In my opinion, there’s no doubt he got him in the head, and even if you believe it was just a touch lower, he certainly wasn’t just giving him the warning cross check to the pants. He was trying to do some damage.

Luckily it was only Nazem Kadri, who can hardly stand up at times let alone give an overly punishing check. Just the same, I think this is definitely suspension worthy and he’s a repeat offender. I would hope for 5-7 games but after Duncan Keith only got 6, I’m not holding my breath.

Kadri has proven himself to be a fairly skilled but immature rat who is pretty much impossible to respect.

Like I said, this is easy enough to say now. Lots of people are saying it after last night. But I’ve been officially saying it since back in December (Kadri Hits Stone In Shoulder With Head) and again in early February (Kadri Cross Checks Pageau In The Head).

This isn’t a realization to me. It’s just a confirmation of what everyone should already know.


5 thoughts on “Kadri Cross Check To Head Of Glendening Nothing New

  1. What about his penchant for drawing a ton of penalties? Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a ‘rat’ type player (though I prefer agitator as a term) . I expect three for this, not saying he doesn’t merit more. Not sure what he’s trying to do either. I know his deal is ending, but getting yourself routinely in trouble can’t equal a bigger pay day than the one he already got.

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    1. I usually prefer “agitator” as well, but Kadri IS a rat. He won’t be drawing too many penalties from here on out. Officials usually reward guys who keep their feet moving and show they’re working hard enough that the actions of others do prevent them from accomplishing what they’re trying to do. You see a guy with his feet moving, working hard to free himself, you’re more likely to give a hold or hooking penalty to reward that guy. You see a guy like Kadri who doesn’t work hard, then when a stick is on him, he stands still, holds his arms up and looks at the ref, he’s getting nothing. That battle with Glendening, never once did Glendening stop moving, stop trying. He didn’t even pretend to look at the ref even when he was taken down by the other guy. It was just a battle to him. To Kadri, his body language, his decision making, that whole thing was an “injustice” to him. He got knocked down a couple times, and it was “why is Glendening picking on me?” “Teacher! He stole my puck! Wahhhh”. Then when no penalty was called, he sulked and lashed out. This is not an isolated incident. No ref is giving him the benefit of the doubt anymore.

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      1. With a 4 game suspension Kadri is done for the season. I’d hope he can figure out his game over the summer. I think his extension, if he gets one, will dictate his importance to the team. He was the number one centre I think we both agree that won’t be the case in 2016-17. I just don’t see this guy being able to shoulder any sort of pressure. No way he gets more than $4.1m next season.

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      2. I honestly don’t even see how he could fit into the long term plan with his attitude. He’s not a total enough player to be that one star you keep, and he’s not veteran or mature enough to sort of mold the younger guys. Like you said, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to deal with pressure, and there’s no bigger pressure in the league right now than in Toronto except for maybe Edmonton. He doesn’t seem likely to succeed in the Toronto spotlight.

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