This month was mainly filled with NHL hit and suspension analysis as opposed to bold predictions that can be either proven or disproven. Saying that, these aren’t necessarily “I told You So’s” so much as they are some of the main points I hope people take from what I’ve written this month.


Article: Holly Holm Upset By Miesha Tate: Good News For Ronda Rousey

After Holly Holm obliterated Ronda Rousey, the outcry of sympathy for Rousey from the majority of people was vomit inducing. All anyone could talk about was Ronda Rousey and no one was talking about Holly Holm. So naturally, when Miesha Tate obliterated Holly Holm, all anyone could talk about was Ronda Rousey. I think enough time has passed now that its safe to say my prediction of no sympathy for Holm has come true.



Article: Will Darnell Nurse 3 Game Suspension Prevent Future Muggings?

With all the forced fights still going on after clean hits, the answer is definitely NO.


Article: Landeskog 3 Game Suspension As A Repeat Offender Is Embarassing

Has that suspension curbed the action? Saturday night. Kadri on Glendening. Repeat offender. Repeat article.


Oshie Should Be Suspended For Punching Crosby

There is nothing out there that even remotely proved me right here, but I did get into a twitter conversation with a couple of Caps fans and I managed to convince them this was dirty. They wouldn’t say suspendable, but they did say unnecessary. If I can change the minds of two people with a bias for the Capitals and a hatred of Sidney Crosby, hopefully putting it on here will sway at least one more person. I feel so strongly about this one that I feel it’s worth any effort to try.









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