There was amazing head shot thrown in last night’s AHL playoff game between the Toronto Marlies and the Albany Devils.

Marlie Andreas Johnson was cruising through the neutral zone and picked up a pass, where he had the nerve to skate toward the Albany blueline. Devil Dan Kelly was having none of that and delivered a first class elbow. This was really 5 star stuff here.

Video: Robert Soderlind

I mean, there’s hitting to the head, and then there’s sharpening your elbow like an auger, boring through the helmet and skull, and depositing it directly into the opponent’s brain.

There was never a chance of this being a clean hit. There was never a chance of the head not being the principle point of contact. It was about as called for as another season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

This should be a 20 gamer easy, and he should also have to listen to 40 hours of Nickelback.


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