I was analyzing slashing in the playoffs, and I tallied up some interesting penalty stats regarding the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Through two rounds, Tampa appears to be penalized on a very regular basis.

Against Detroit, the Lightning took 39 total penalties compared to 35 for the Wings. A significant 22 of these 39 were assessed on home ice, compared to 17 at the Joe.

The Islanders series was also tight. New York took 26 penalties, and Tampa was right there with them at 24. Amazingly, Tampa took DOUBLE the penalties at Amalie Arena(16) than they did on Long Island(8).

The totals could be skewed because the Bolts played an extra home game in each series, but 3 of their 4 most penalized individual games of the playoffs have also been at home, totalling a whopping 26 trips to the sin bin in those three games (9,9,8).

In 4 total road playoff games through 2 rounds, 3 times the Lightning had the same or fewer penalties than their hosts. In the 6 home games, only twice have they had more than one extra power play compared to the visitors.

That’s what makes the slashing research all the more unfathomable. Out of 63 Tampa penalties, just five of those have been for slashing. Only ONE of those has been taken on home ice.

In round 1 the Blueshirts took 3 slashing penalties out of 39 total, compared to SEVEN out of 35 for the Wings. Six of those seven Detroit slashes were called in hostile territory vs. ZERO for the home team.

Against New York, more of the same. The Islanders were penalized three times for slashing at Amalie compared to just one for the Bolts.

Out of 38 home penalties heading into the Eastern Conference finals, Tampa has been called for slashing…Once. That’s 2%.

Of the 41 penalties the visitors have taken, 9 were for slashing. That’s 22%.

What does this mean?