You can say a lot of things about Sidney Crosby and if the overwhelming majority of those things aren’t positive then you’re either lying or delusional.

But being a gifted hockey player isn’t enough for him. He’s also worked harder than anyone to be even better.

Being a celebrity isn’t enough for him. He’s decided to use that status in a positive way that goes above and beyond what he “owes” anyone to become one of the leading role models out there. Not just in the world of sports, but the world period.

Naming a street after him makes sense. Especially the street he and all of us aspiring Cole Harbour hockey players traveled to get to Scotia Stadium, now Cole Harbour Place, where his legend began.

Cole Harbour has a lot of good people doing a lot of good things. Take the other Stanley Cup Champion from the same community for example, Joe Dipenta, and the work he’s done for Leukemia. Take Paul Mason for another, a mainstay of Cole Harbour minor hockey, teacher, community supporter, and the reason this street name petition even exists.

Their greatest contributions aren’t so much about sport as about who they are as people. Hockey is simply a vehicle to provide them with the opportunity to showcase the traits I would hope our community becomes known for.

Sidney Crosby is the best driver of that vehicle so it’s only fitting to personalize the road he first took to greatness.

Why wait 60 years to make a gesture that would mean the most right now? Support Paul Mason’s idea now. Please send a brief e-mail to supporting the name change andĀ make thisĀ happen!