On an occasion where most people want to move as little as possible and be waited on and catered to, Danny Nolan moved more than most people do in a week.

The day before his 54th birthday he covered 54.4 kilometres. On foot.

Danny told me he started running back in 2008 as part of a biggest loser competition and never stopped. I then asked him what gave him the idea for his birthday trek.

“I always thought I would like to do an ultra marathon after running a full in 2012”, said Nolan. “I decided that doing one on my own as a birthday celebration would work.”

I’ve known Danny for something like 15 years now and he’s never looked better, but he doesn’t just run for himself.

He’s holding a run for the OneSight Foundation this fall.

“The company that owns Pearle Vision, Luxottica, set up the OneSight Foundation”, Nolan explained. “Over the last 20 years they’ve helped 4 million people. I first went on a mission 3 years ago in Bakersfield, California, and last year went to Puebla, Mexico.”

This year he’s heading to Brazil for two weeks to help 5000 more.

OneSight has also helped over 100 locally who can’t afford eye care.

Danny’s OneSight run, his 4th, will take place September 25th in Upper Stewiacke. It’s $40.00 for the 5k or 10k walk or run, and the first 100 to register will get a free hoodie.

To register for the OneSight run click here or contact Danny Nolan at glassesnolan@gmail.com or (902)899-1125.


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