In one of the most unsatisfyingly good games of Euro 2016, Ireland fell gloriously short in its upset bid over France in the Round of 16 match on Sunday.

A controversial sending off in the 66th minute of Ireland’s Shane Duffy just may have been the difference.

Video: AshremaHD

To be honest I was surprised at the amount of ire (pun intended) toward the red card. It wasn’t a hideous foul by any means, but there was definite contact and it definitely took away a scoring chance.

This phrase is plastered all throughout the FIFA rulebook.



The other “controversy” sparked from whether Antoine Griezmann deserved a caution as well for his alleged theatrics.

Even that is pretty sour grapes though. Number one, it wasn’t that dramatic. Number two, it really would have made little difference to the outcome.

Plus unlike hockey, the trend in football seems to be one or the other, not both. I guess it’s looked at in a sense that if there’s a legitimate foul committed then it really doesn’t matter what form a player takes on the way down. Only diving for deception is punishable, and that clearly was not the case.

I was rooting for Ireland, but in the end the French did what they needed to do and hopefully that will be the end of it.