Ok folks. I need to be talked down. Taylor Hall to the Devils? For Larsson??? Straight up?????? I mean I get it. We have lots of forwards. But we only have two or three actual forwards. We have to see what other teams see, which is essentially the equivalent of three forwards and 6 first and second round draft picks. All of our forwards are worth more to other teams than they are to us so we should make them pay the price shouldn’t we? We added a defenceman but we also gave away one of the only four forwards that could actually stop opposing players from forechecking on said defenceman.

Was it some sort of Chiarelli personal dream to be the guy who traded both Taylor and Tyler? I’m sorry but if that’s the return for our second best forward, what the hell is the return going to be for the others?  Are our guys really that unappealing around the league?

Or am I underestimating Adam Larsson? Am I too emotionally attached to the most developed player of the original crop of saviour picks to see the beacon of light we just picked up from one of the few teams we could still see in the standings? We traded out of conference at least. Did we do more good than harm?

Please feel free to head to the comments section and try and talk me down from the ledge.



2 thoughts on “Advice Wanted: Accepting The Taylor Hall Trade

  1. I just can’t understand how this was a great deal. At first I thought it was a cap move. With Hall gone it freed up $12m in cap space. The number was shockingly close to what Stamkos might have commanded on the open market so I got excited at the prospect of McDavid-Stamkos line. And then a few minutes later, Stamkos signs in Tampa for $8.5m. 8.5! At that point, I had no clue. I turned to the radio for some logic, and all I got was Bob McKenzie saying the move was to start a culture change. In what way? On how to get swindeled in trades?

    It’s not fair to this Larsson kid. I’m sure he’s ok. He’s got a $4.1m contract for a reason…right?


    1. The culture change was already started when players were finally told for the first time their jobs were on the line! Some bought in, and some didn’t. The real weaknesses were exposed. Why trade the one guy who stepped up, bought in, and answered the call more than any other player?!!??! Anyone?


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