Topic: Is the NHL corrupt?

Jahn: Absolutely. It’s a professional sports league and there’s corruption in the majority of others, so there either is or eventually will be corruption in the NHL.

Mich: There’s no evidence. It’s all hypothetical.


My Thoughts:

The burden of proof clearly lies with Jahn here and as he said himself, we’ll probably never know for sure.  Mich is right. It’s all based on hypothetical. BUT…only what Jahn said in this particular podcast is hypothetical. At first I thought Jahn was just blowing smoke. Crying corruption for the sake of crying, or maybe for fear of saying there is no corruption and then finding out later he was duped. I was all Mich for 21 minutes and 12 seconds of circular arguments. But then he said one sentence that made me curious. You said “The answer isn’t no, it’s a muddy no but we don’t know”.

Imagine we’re in a court of law and the prosecutor (Jahn) says something outrageous like “the NHL is corrupt”. The defense (Mich) yells “objection!” I as the judge am saying “overruled”. I want to know where he’s going with this and I think he has more to go on than he thinks. He just needs to stop focusing on officials.

I love the NHL and I’ll defend it until there’s definitive proof, but there are some angles to pursue.  Instead of basing the assumption of corruption on being a sports league alone, base it on items specific to the NHL. Here are a few examples.

I’m the only person in the known universe who went on record as saying John Scott wouldn’t embarrass himself and the league in the All-Star game.  The NHL did everything in its power to stop Mr. Scott from playing, including a suspiciously timed trade to the Montreal Canadiens. Was it coincidence or corruption?

How about my stats that showed definitively that in Tampa Bay’s arena exclusively, the Lightning only got two slashing calls against them all through this playoffs.  They were one of the most highly penalized teams on home ice in the post season and also took a normal amount of slashing calls on the road, but took a remarkably lower than average amount of slashes specifically on home ice compared to others. What’s that about?

Finally, how about the reason the NHLPA was formed in the first place? Corrupt owners!

There’s also that whole Rick Tocchet betting scandal, the suspension of Maurice Richard for the playoffs, and as you mentioned, the Las Vegas expansion decision.

There’s already been some proven historical corruption in the NHL. What you need to do is show there’s some substantiated reason to at least question the current NHL.

Winner of Week 37: Jahn pending further investigation.

Quote Of The Week: Jahn saying “You don’t think power breeds corruption???” in a voice like David Ferrie from JFK saying “it’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma!”

Honorable mention: Mich – “If there’s a blue moon are you going to start growing crops?”

Listen to TLO Podcast Episode 37 here.



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