Do you want your young hockey player to be a better skater? Boulton Hockey Skating is holding a skating school in East Hants from August 22nd – 26th, 2016, and another one in Truro from September 5th – 9th. The schools are for 5-15 year olds.

I’ve been teaching skating for around 20 years and I’ve had my own skating school for close to 10. I think skating is the most important technical skill your child can work on. But I love the game of hockey as well. I love pretty much everything about it. If I teach your athlete to skate, I’ve simply done my job. But if I give your kid a passion to want to come back to the rink every day I’ve accomplished my goal.

I don’t just teach skating or “power” skating. I teach “hockey” skating. Skating skills specifically designed for game situations, with and without the puck.  I don’t like to see players waiting in lines. I don’t like to only have them skating up and down the ice. I want to teach your child that working on skating can be fun.

That’s why I’ve got a program design that keeps everyone moving almost all of the time. I include small area games. I also teach hockey skills and fundamentals that have nothing to do with skating so your child doesn’t even realize they’re still working on skating while doing them.

In the past decade I’ve built strong relationships not just with the players I’ve had the privilege to teach but with the families who support them. I work hands on all season, every season with players from initiation to junior, house league to AAA. I believe in a long term development plan so much that I’m now a minor hockey development coordinator.  I don’t want your player to see me for a week and then be done. I teach my program to your child as if we’re in the middle of an open ended development process.

To register for either the East Hants or Truro Schools (or both!) go to or e-mail




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