On Canada Day the Blue Jays and Cleveland Indians played a 19 inning beauty of a game that could have gone either way about 38 times (twice an inning, get it?). Home plate umpire Vic Carpazza didn’t need that long to get the drama started.

He ejected game breaker Edward Encarnacion in the first inning after a sketchy third strike call. He then tossed Manager John Gibbons for daring to ask him about it. Did I mention this was the first inning? Russell Martin was sent packing in the 13th inning and all the videos and highlights show Martin right in Carpazza’s face. My favourite part was he was actually thrown out while he was walking away. He turned his head back and said something to Carpazza that wasn’t appreciated, but he was always going back to the dugout and didn’t go beserk until after he was ejected.

Video: MLB

Carpazza’s hideous display probably didn’t lose the Jays this particular game as much as their habit of stranding runners. It does beg the question for you all and I’d love to read your answers: Do you think the Vic Carpazza Canada Day performance proves the theory the MLB will stop at nothing to keep the Jays from winning another Championship?