How many innings would you let Toronto Blue Jays current starter Aaron Sanchez pitch this season? It’s a good question and there’s not much agreement on the answer.

On the basic level, I think if the guy wants to pitch and feels like he can pitch, let him pitch.

I’m not so sure on the answer myself, but that’s not the question I want to talk about most. I was wondering more about the approach to the question.
Greg Zaun gave his thoughts on Sunday stating “there are no guarantees the Jays….aren’t going to have a rash of injuries and miss the playoffs. The only thing you can look at is the fact that the Jays have a chance to win right now.” He ultimately asks “if Aaron Sanchez is in the rotation through the end, they win the World Series, he blows out the next year. Would you rather have that, or would you rather have 10 years of Aaron Sanchez winning 15 games?”

So for his one question I ask two questions of my own:

1)Should teams take actions to win at all costs because there are no guarantees? If a team has a legitimate shot at a championship, does that justify placing the long term stability of your assets at risk for the here and now?

2)There are no guarantees of not having injuries, and it works the other way too. There are no guarantees they win the World Series even if they ride him and he stays healthy.

As a Blue Jays fan, if Aaron Sanchez stays in the rotation, they don’t win the World Series and he blows out the next year. Would you rather have that and say at least they went for it?


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