Last night’s Week 1 game between the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals was pretty darn entertaining. There were big plays on both sides of the ball, and no real unnecessary drama to speak of. Just two of the better teams grinding each other into the field.

There were however, two things I found myself yelling consistently at the TV:

1)Can we not block Tony Jefferson at all? Did anyone ever even line up in his general vacinity? It’s not that he was beating guys all night (although he did sometimes). More than once he made an unobstructed 15 yard dash directly into the heart of the pocket. Check and mate.

2)Does Larry Fitzgerald after all this time still have no idea how far 10 yards actually is? He caught one ball and was tackled about a yard and a half shy. He still got up, pointed up field with a standard issue first down celebration, nodding like a bobble head. Nope.

Later, he was short by about half a field. He still grabbed the ball, jogged across the marker, and kindly spotted the ball for the official who casually picked it back up and dragged it to where everyone else in the known universe was waiting.

To be fair, he probably isn’t used to being stopped.

Congratulations to him for his 100th career TD last night.

Congratulations to the Patriots as well. 1-0.







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