Terrance Williams isn’t getting a ton of social media love after failing to get out of bounds in the dying seconds of a loss to the New York Giants.

With the Boys down by 1 point on a third and 10 from their own 46, the Dallas receiver caught a quick pass within 5 yards of the sideline and turned upfield.

Having zero timeouts, it had to be a right turn to the sideline to stop the clock. Williams went left, didn’t even get past the first tackler, and laid down like he had money on the Giants. Game over.


Video: NFL

Now, while this wasn’t his best moment (unless he really did cash in on a tanked play), it still would have only led to a 64, 000 yard field goal attempt, and it’s not like that’s the only thing Dallas did wrong.

Add in Eli Manning’s amazing ability to coerce the Universe into letting him win games on last minute miracles, and Williams was doomed before he even caught the ball.

And when Dallas goes 5-11, who’s going to remember what happened in week 1 anyway?



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