Sidney Crosby opened the scoring for Canada against the Czech Republic, but not without some controversy.

The World Cup Of Hockey plays under NHL rules, not international rules, and as such each team has the option of the loved and hated coach’s challenge.

Crosby picked up the puck at the side of the net and took it all the way around, coming out the other side. He then neatly and purposefully banked the puck in off the back of Czech goalie Michal Neuvirth. Steven Stamkos had been driving the net and ended up on his knees at the top of the Czech crease. His stick went in between the legs of the goalie but never really made contact.

The goal was ruled good and the  coach’s challenge was quickly issued from the Czech Republic bench.

After further review it was ruled a good goal again and the call on the ice was upheld.

For me it was a good call. The decision Crosby made to pull the bank job essentially made it impossible for Neuvirth to make any save at all. It was off him and in before he moved.

However it made me think. If Sid decided to step out and slide the puck into the net, there’d be the argument he was prevented from sliding across. It does look like after the puck was already on its way in Neuvirth tried to get his glove over; and that stick did prevent him from pushing off.

Now, for skaters there’s no penalty for putting your stick between a guy’s legs. But if that player decides to try and move and that stick trips him, it’s a penalty.

So I would say IF for some reason they deemed that goal no good because of interference, not only should it have been no goal, it should have been two minutes for Stamkos for interference or tripping as well.