Here’s the thing. Racism is wayyyyy more of a problem than I really truly thought.

I kind of knew it was a problem, but I figured it was just pockets of issues here and there. There are things in the news. You read the articles. You “like” or “retweet them”, make an armchair political comment and then move on.

But here’s the problem. People are dying. Like actually not on the earth anymore. Like, their family lines are being stopped.

We as humans can’t move on. We’ll never be able to truly move on until this is sorted out.

Do you know how I kind of almost understand this now? Because of Colin Kaepernick. Because one man took a knee. That’s it.

Instead of throwing rocks through windows or urging people to start a riot or shooting at police to be heard, the man kneeled down. Because of that, I’m more aware than ever.

Sure, there’s always going to be people that think they’re better than everyone and there’s not much we can do. But those are the “you have to carry those heavy bricks and I don’t because I’m better than you” types, or the “even though I’m the one that messed up the file and forgot to make that call, you have to cancel your plans and work this whole weekend because I’m better than you” types.

With racism, it’s more of the “you don’t even deserve to have basic human rights because you have different skin and mine is better” types, or the “I worked very hard and sacrificed so much to be popped out of the right person, so your parents and your children need to die immediately” types.

I thought these widespread incidents were a thing of the past. I didn’t recognize how many people were still raised that way. I thought I’d done my part to sympathize.

I watched that Matt Mcconaughey movie and thought to myself “boy that was a horrific thing that used to happen all the time but now surely only happens once in a while. How could that many people have thought that way? Glad I didn’t live in the 60’s.” I read The Help and thought “good thing that’s over.” Then, like always, I moved on.

But I’ve never really thought about it for long stretches at a time and let it affect me. Until now.

Thank you, Colin Kaepernick.