Andrew Shaw wasted no time disappointing Montreal fans. He has a disciplinary hearing Thursday for his hit on Washington Captial newbie Connor Hobbs.

The new Canadien threw two solid slashes in separate instances behind the play during the same shift before starting his run on Hobbs.

The timing of this is pretty bad as fans are still reeling over the P.K. Subban trade that was made partly on the grounds of discipline/attitude problems. It sure didn’t help when just moments later Shaw decided to show how badly he felt by waving his hand up and down to pump up the crowd in the middle of fighting Washington’s Nathan Walker.

Video: Torontomapleleafs951

There’s no doubt in my mind everything about the hit was bad. Hands were high. It was from behind. He even had to step around another Washington player to continue his path toward the hit, which he never showed any sign of backing out of even when it was clear Hobbs was in a vulnerable position.

He pushed upwards and forced Hobbs’s head into the glass with excessive force.

With intent to injure and absolutely zero sign of remorse, the league needs to set the proper tone for the season here. 4-5 games would be a good start compared to last year.

As an aside, I see very little difference between the Shaw hit above and the Ryan Callahan hit on Kris Letang in last year’s Eastern Conference Final. Let’s hope everyone reacts differently this time: the League by actually suspending the penalized player this time, and the fans by not starting a “Hobbs turned his back” smear campaign.