Connor McDavid is the youngest captain in NHL history. He’s the future of the Oilers and by all indications the future of the League itself. He’s shown enough to convince everyone of this and he’s yet to play a full season.

Being upgraded to captain was an inevitability. The decision is hailed as a no-brainer, and that says a lot about him what with it being so early in his career.

But it also says a lot about the current state of the Oilers as an organization. Even after betting and losing the farm on a group of young superstars to rekindle the flame of 80’s glory, they still feel confortable throwing their lot in with McDavid.

Yes, things are different. Yes there’s a new hope, and I as a fan feel it very much. And the Oilers certainly aren’t the first team to name a young captain. But it’s a little concerning to me that the decision to pick McDavid was made not to give a boost of confidence or to make a statement, but because there is literally no one else in that locker room suitable for the job.

Hopefully this team does blossom and by Christmas time I won’t be able to say that anymore.