Auston Matthews followed the most productive regulation debut in NHL history with 1 minute of costly decisions and the Leafs lost in OT because of it.

After the Ottawa Senators won the opening OT faceoff, Erik Karlsson slowly dragged the puck backwards, teasing Matthews into chasing him behind the Sens net. Making a quick smart turn up ice against the post, Karlsson easily gained position on the rookie and started an odd man rush.

After a brief stall in the neutral zone and a regroup, the Senators kept possession and made several cross seam passes. Again Matthews was sucked out of position allowing Karlsson to lay the puck into the slot for Turris to step in to. Matthews was caught one step behind and lost the race to the slot where he had the best view of his man scoring the game winning goal to spoil everything.


Its a lesson not unlike the one Sidney Crosby learned in overtime against Montreal a few years ago when he turned the puck over by being too fancy at the offensive blue line and lost the game as a result. We all know how that career turned out. Matthews will be just fine.

And full marks to the number one overall pick for taking all the blame for the OT goal in the post game interview even though it should never have gotten to that point in the first place.

As an aside, remember that time tonight when the announcer said the name Nazem Kadri or James Van Reimsdyk? Me neither.