I’m not one to side with the Calgary Flames too much, but they may be justified in coming out of Edmonton feeling like they got a raw deal.

This was the most fun I’ve had watching a battle of Alberta in a few years because the young superstars on both teams were flying high. Johnny Gaudreau in particular had several flashy moments and deserved better than this:

Video: ToughCallBlog

After taking on two guys and being tapped and pulled at, Gaudreau turned the puck over with an errant pass (helped off its course because Gaudreau’s arm was yanked back at the time). Credit the Oilers for taking advantage and springing McDavid on the counter attack, but he’d already missed the breakaway by the time he got his hand mildly poked.

I’m not sure what happened to Johnny Hockey was a penalty, but it was sure a lot more than what happened to McDavid. The new Oilers captain scored a beauty on the penalty shot to put the game away.

Tough Call on that one.