Andrew Shaw just finished a suspension for endangering (boarding) Washington Capital Connor Hobbs . In his first game back he then slew footed  Buffalo’s Johan Larsson with less than 5 seconds left and his Canadiens leading 4-1.


My favourite is that when searched for the video of “Andrew Shaw” slew foot was one of the default options and this wasn’t even the only slew foot listed. Miraculously, the NHL Department of Player Safety has chosen not to suspend Shaw yet again, but instead is going to host an educational meeting.

What does this even mean? All I can think of is the movie Almost Heroes with Matthew Perry and Chris Farley.  A member of Perry’s expedition is mauled and dragged away by a bear. Days later he returns missing a leg and an ear.  He asks Perry if they plan on getting a party together to go hunt the bear. Perry’s response:

“Rest assured Bidwell, in 20 or so years the ravages of old age will deal with the bear far more harshly than we ever could have.”

Maybe that’s the long term plan? I think at this point I’d accept that over pretty much any other explanation the Department could give.