Conor Sheary scored his first of the season Saturday night to put his Pittsbrgh Penguins up 2-1 against the Anaheim Ducks. The goal came just two minutes in to the second period.

On closer look it appears as though the Ducks would have had a strong case for goaltender interference at the least and a distinct kicking motion at worst. Of course, none of this has anything to do with Conor Sheary.

After Leafs Ducks goalie Jonathan Bernier failed puck handling 101,   Penguins power forward Chris Kunitz drove himself to the net for the loose puck and ended up sliding  through the crease with an Anaheim defenceman. Both players ended up on the goal line. By this time the puck had squirted into the blue paint and Kunitz had worked his way almost out of the crease. With the reflexes of a chilled snail, Bernier finally tried to turn around and cover up.

That’s when two things happen. 1)Bernier tries to swing his stick around to block the line and Kunitz knocks it out of his hand. That’s pretty textbook being in the blue paint and “preventing the goalie from making the save”.

2)Now stick less, Bernier puts his blocker hand out to grab at the puck. There’s a few sticks there sure, but Kunitz uses his left foot and very deliberately kicks lashes out. Coincidentally or not, the puck goes in at the exact same time.

I’m not saying is overturn the goal, but with two solid reasons I’m very surprised this wasn’t at least looked at.

Probably no one wanted to give Bernier any free out on the play.