Taylor Hall was the sacrificial lamb for the Edmonton Oilers in their quest for a grade A defenceman. He was shipped to New Jersey in a deal that made sense in the grand scheme of things but was emotionally tough to take.

I can only imagine how surprised and disappointed he was (among other things) that he wasn’t going to be sticking around to see things through in the city of Champions. But after the initial storm he needed to move on and face his new challenge.  He’s got the chance to salvage another crippled franchise, the New Jersey Devils.  So far, I’d say he’s doing a good job of it, but you’d never know unless you looked for it yourself.

That’s because every second day we’re bombarded with Hall’s thoughts on what’s going on in Edmonton and whether or not he’s happy about them starting the season so well. I doubt he voluntarily rehashes the trade in his mind every week.  I don’t think  he analyses his opinion on the Oilers record on a daily basis. Even if he did, I really doubt he seeks out the media to repeatedly give them these updates.

I think he’d much rather talk about how he’s tied for second in the league in goals so far with 5. He might enjoy mentioning he’s almost a point per game player at 7 points in 8 games. That’s good enough for the team lead in both categories as well. He’s probably ecstatic the Devils hold a playoff spot in this albeit young season. Not a Wild Card spot either, but a legitimate division placement. New Jersey only has 2 regulation losses in 8 appearances.

With all the positives in his life and his new adventure I can only conclude we hear about his old destiny so often because he’s asked. I wish they’d stop asking. At this point I’d just as soon they ask him about his outfit and get him to do a twirl as ask him about Edmonton again. Let’s all move on and enjoy what he’s doing.