There’s the glorious Gordie Howe hat trick(a goal, an assist, and a fight) and the somewhat less prestigious Scott Hartnell hat trick (a goal, a penalty, and falling down for no reason). Now there’s the Brett Crossley hat trick, who is now a three time recipient of the Mooseheads Scholastic Player Of The Month award.

As reported by Scott MacIntosh on Crossley was given the honours for December of 2016 and has now been acknowledged once in each of his three seasons with the club, in November 2014 and again in October 2015.

Mr. MacIntosh provides the details very well in his article, but to add to it I had the privilege of coaching against a young Crossley in major bantam. The newly created league was trying to find itself, and the teams were trying to define themselves. His ability to adapt into whatever role was asked if him was as true then as it is now, but within the team concept he’s been able to maintain his personal identity.

You play for and represent the logo on the front of the jersey, but there’s an accountability for the name on the back. I applaud a local talent like Brett who’s been able to successfully balance his commitment to both school and sport so consistently over the course of not just a season but a career.

Feature photo credit: Dan Hickling