The New England Patriots mounted the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history last night. Most of the time there’s a big contingency of neutral fans who just want to see a good game or a spectacle, but last night if you were tuned in, chances are you were either for Tom Brady or unequivocally against him.

With 5 rings to his name now in 7 Super Bowl tries, most of the talk today will be how that game proved Brady is the greatest of all time.

What I’m wondering for the Brady bashers of the world(and on my Facebook feed), is did that game change your mind about him at all? Has it only deepened your hatred? Are you going to want him to fail just as much now as before, or more than ever, or have you decided maybe nothing he fails at now will matter any more?

Take this Tough Call Twitter poll, comment on the Tough Call Facebook page, or directly under this article.

*Brady image credit: Baltimore Sun


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