With Jacob Trouba of the Winnipeg Jets getting a two game suspension for his high hit to the head of Mark Stone on Sunday, the question on everyone’s mind isn’t why he got the suspension but rather how Evgeni Malkin didn’t get a suspension for his own high hit to the head of Winnipeg’s Blake Wheeler last Thursday.

I have to agree. Malkin made an otherwise clean hit (arm down, stick down, elbow in, etc) unnecessarily dangerous by leaving his feet and significantly increasing the chance of making contact to the head.¬†It’s a two gamer minimum.

Video: Sambroke

Where I don’t agree though is referring to them as similar hits.

Malkin’s hit at least had the potential to be clean, IF he’d stayed low.

Trouba’ was dirty for an entirely different reason. His body stayed down, but he lifted his shoulder and arm up as high as it would go, turning this into more of an elbow type hit than anything else.


His angle was so bad his body didn’t even make contact with anything. It was a step up and a prayer with reckless high arm position designed to make absolutely sure it caught something. That decision making is much more dangerous.

If Malkin should have gotten two games(which he should have) Trouba should have gotten four.