Brandon Manning of the Philadelphia Flyers got himself noticed during the Stadium Series outdoor game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday night.

He threw a solid hit on Jake Guentzel, who was without the puck, which should have been interference and wasn’t called. Some are asking for further discipline, and according to Darren Dreger the NHL Department of Player Safety is at least entertaining that thought.

The questions seem to be whether Manning left his feet, whether it was an elbow, and whether there was head contact.

I thought it looked clean live(other than being interference) and I still think it now. For me Manning didn’t leave his feet until after contact was already made. It was all shoulder, arm tucked down, no unnecessary lean. As far as head contact, it’s one of those ones where I think the shoulder does hit the head but it has more to do with the posture of the player being hit than being a dangerous hit.

I might understand a suspension on the grounds that Guentzel was ineligible to be hit, and therefore any head contact could be deemed unnecessarily dangerous whatever the reason. If there’s no hit, there’s no head contact.

But I wouldn’t go out of my way to ask for it and I don’t expect it here.