Boston’s Colin Miller lowered the boom on Arizona’s Coyote Alexander Burmistov Tuesday night.

The standard next line is “the NHL’s Department Of Player Safety should be in touch with Miller soon”.


Why????? Because he left on a stretcher? Because there was a skirmish after? Does that prove it must have been dirty??? If anything the Coyotes should be sending Miller a team thank you card.

I don’t think Miller could have been any more gentle with this hit. He slowed down to a stop. He turned sideways and almost backwards even. He kept everything down. He did everything in the known universe to minimize the danger of the hit. All he did was put himself in a good line where Burmistov would run into him.

So there was head contact. How else was Miller supposed to avoid that?

For the love of all that is good and decent, it shouldn’t be IF there was head contact but WHY there was head contact, and Miller had nothing to do with it.