Sidney Crosby gets away with everything. The league is so in love with him they clearly turn a blind eye to it all so as not to tarnish the reputation of the golden child. Hell, he actually wears gold on his uniform because obviously the league rigged the draft lottery to keep him away from the Leafs.

Specifically, Whiney McWhinerson has a frequent habit of slewfooting anyone who dares to skate on HIS ice. It’s common knowledge on Twitter that he does it almost every game.

It happened in Tampa Bay Friday night. McWhinerson couldn’t handle being tight checked by the Lightning forwards, particularly Tyler Johnson. In the second period, he saw his chance and seized it. Feigning a no look turnaround, he caught the back of Johnson’s left leg with his own right leg and sent the blue shirt sprawling onto his back.

There was no call on the play.

Now, before I go any further, as most people know I admittedly love Sidney Crosby. I also think he takes an amazing amount of abuse and with only 1 suspension of 1 game for any of the countless liberties taken against him, any notion of the league protecting him is complete fabrication. Therefore I’ll be upfront in saying I tend to get more proud of him than angry with him in those rare moments where he bends the rules to stick up for himself.

Having said that, if I can’t be impartial about an incident when I analyze it, I just don’t write about it. Therefore, when looking specifically at the Crosby/Johnson incident, I can honestly say there’s nothing in it that would make me call it a slewfoot. I was watching the game, saw it as it happened in the moment, and thought nothing of it. It’s just a trip, plain and simple, and a questionable one at that. Perhaps that’s why he wasn’t even assessed a minor. He doesn’t reach out and sweep with his leg, and he certainly doesn’t use his arms or anything to help out. He just allows his leg to bump Johnson’s leg. Standard issue stuff. Fan or not, if Sid crossed the line I’d call him out on it the same as anyone Tampa can be as upset about it as they want, but it’s hard for them to think they have a leg to stand on (pun intended) when Victor Hedman tripped Tom Kunachl literally one minute later by reaching out with his leg. A penalty was called, mind you, but it was blatant.

As far as the whole “Crosby has a history” bollocks, I’ve looked far and wide and seen video of exactly one slewfoot for his career, and it was against Ryan Callahan way back in 2010.

Nothing will come of this latest trip, and nothing should.