The Ottawa Senators will have to do without top 4 defenceman Marc Methot for a few weeks. His finger was mauled and it’s all Sidney Crosby’s fault.

The Pittsburgh captain has had an interesting week. He made headlines for scoring a hat trick against Florida. He then headed to Buffalo and scored a one handed backhand goal, lost a tooth while diving, and used his stick to perform a hernia test on Ryan O’Reilly.

Then Thursday night he paid a visit to Canada’s Capital and took a two handed jab at Methot’s stick hand, making a not so neat incision.

Of course, he escaped punishment on all counts. The Department of Player Safety didn’t even bat an eye, which leads us to wonder what would’ve happened if Methot had been the one who cut Crosby’s finger off.

Surely if Methot had maimed Crosby, he’d have gotten 2-4 games easy for a first offence.

With that, to prove how the league caters to these whiny superstars, here’s a list of all the players and man games lost for someone daring to touch the Golden Boy:

1)Brandon Dubinsky (CBJ) – 1 game for a cross check to the head.

The end.