There was an ugly incident in the OHL playoffs recently. Ottawa 67’s player Travis Barron had his helmetless head slammed off the ice by Missisauga’s Nicholas Hague as he was laying on the ice after a fight.

The only video I can find of the cheap shot is the one from this article.

Sadly, I’ve noticed that whenever we see a uniquely dirty or dangerous play in the semi-pro or junior ranks, it almost always coincides with a recent similar play at the NHL level.

It was just a few days ago that Washington’s Tom Wilson left the ice in a bloody mess following a fight with Minnesota’s Chris Stewart. Yet every punch was thrown in a flurry by Stewart after both players went to the ice and Wilson was completely helpless.

Video: Wicked Complations

While the OHL head slam was obviously dirtier, the Stewart post fight punches weren’t any less greasy, any leas uncalled for, nor any less dangerous.

Yet Stewart is praised because Wilson needed to “answer the bell” for his high stick to Zach Parise. Wilson “got what was coming”.

Hague on the other hand is a thug and he “needs to be banned for life to send a message”.

Well folks, that message was already sent on March 28 and it was received loud and clear. Let’s just hope the minor hockey kids weren’t listening.