On January 18, 2014, the Detroit Red Wings got one of the luckiest home bounces in history. Down 2-1 to the Los Angeles Kings with 30 seconds left in the game, Red Wing defenseman Niklas Kronwall had a shot blocked by King Jared Stoll and the puck deflected way up into the mesh behind the net. Up so high, in fact, that nobody except Kings defenceman Drew Doughty noticed exactly where the puck was.

Doughty looked at the official and pointed skyward, the universal signal that the puck has gone somewhere over the glass and out of play. Meanwhile the puck bounced off the mesh and unbelievably floated gently down onto the back of Los Angeles goalie Jonathan Quick. Even more unbelievably, it went off Quick and into the net with 26.1 seconds left.

Detroit celebrated and, after a brief discussion, the officials confirmed the goal. Detroit held on for the tie and then won the extra point in a shootout.

Video: David Rudie