Anaheim Duck Andrew Cogliano played 830 consecutive NHL games, the 4th all time longest unbroken stretch of all time. unfortunately, for games 831 and 832 he found himself in the unfamiliar territory of the press box and many are not happy about it.

Cogliano had his iron man streak stripped away by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety earlier this month when he was tagged with a two game suspension for interference against the Los Angeles Kings, specifically Adrian Kempe.

The check itself would’ve been fine…IF Kempe had been eligible. Contact here wasn’t just late, it was “if I lived in Grecoville that pizza would be free” late. When you decide to finish someone so far after a play, it’s always going to be a penalty. If you make head contact on this clearly avoidable and completely unnecessary hit, you’re going to pay the piper.

It’s the same thing that happened to Tom Wilson in the pre-season, and this one was even more late.

It’s disappointing the streak is over. Take it up with Cogliano, not Player Safety.






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