What worries me most about what Nazem

Kadri isn’t what he did, it’s what he said about it. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs forward has a history of making some not so bright decisions and in the process endangering anyone on the ice with him, but the hope was those were just that: history. He proved that false last night in game 1 of the Leafs opening round against the Boston Bruins. 

Among other things, he went knee on knee with Boston’s Rick Nash, who’s quick thinking to soften his leg back probably saved his playoffs. 


Then after a series of suspect hits, Kadri decided to save his worst for last. Masquerading as a hero for team mate Mitch Marner, Kadri took a run at a completely helpless, defenceless Tommy Wingels. 


His defence? I was “committed to the hit and he ended up falling…I don’t think I stuck my leg or my arm out or whatever the case is…”

If he thinks the only issue was his hitting technique, he’s got some serious problems to fix. He had more than enough time to turn away from the Wingels. Even if he didn’t because “he was committed”, he didn’t have to jump butt first into Wingels’s head.

He should be suspended 3 games for the hit alone, and I’d tack on an extra 2 games for thinking up this nonsense of an explanation.