Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings has been suspended for one game for an illegal check to the head on Vegas Golden Knights player William Carrier. 

The Player Safety explanation video claims Doughty made initial contact with Carrier’s arm but the main point of contact was the head. This much is true. The reason they give for this mind you is wrong. 


The video blames Doughty’s angle by claiming Carrier did cut to the middle but didn’t change his body position in any way that significantly contributed to the head contact. However, Doughty was angling based on Carrier’s current speed his line of travel. Carrier clearly and admittedly shifted slightly to the middle, and more importantly he also slowed down. 

No, he didn’t move his body position (head  level, knees bent, etc) but he completely altered his body location. Doughty kept on his own path of travel. He didn’t lunge. He didn’t make any awkward last second adjustments. He didn’t thrust up into a hit. He just skated through his position. There was no head targeting. 

It’s just another example of punishing the result instead of the action.