Nazem Kadri was handed a three game suspension by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety for his disgrace to the sport hit on Boston’s Tommy Wingels. I for one couldn’t be happier, and I have four reasons for that.

1)I thought Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings being suspended one game for his “hit to the head” was harsh considering the regular season standard for suspensions. I mean, there were butt ends and cross checks to faces that were just fines. Kadri’s hit was at least three times worse than Doughty’s. The suspensions reflect that for a refreshing change. 

2)The general rule for suspensions is one playoff game equals two regular season games, which means technically this is a six game suspension. That’s a huge step in the right direction for me.

3)The Department of Player Safety has set an eye opening precedent for similar hits for the remainder of the playoffs. The Department has been a repeat offender of handing out light suspensions in early playoff games, which generally handcuffs them in later rounds when something bad happens and they can only upgrade in small one game at a time increments. Now that we’ve already seen a 3(6) gamer, the door is opened much wider.

4)I predicted a three game suspension for Kadri. 

The Department of Player Safety has my full attention. For the sake of the game I hope they don’t let up.