Crosby Hits Holtby in Head

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby made contact with Washington Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby in Wednesday's regular season matchup between the two long standing rivals. Crosby ran into Holtby in the Trapezoid behind the Washington net while Holtby was in the process of a clearing attempt. To me this was an obvious penalty, which wasn't called. … Continue reading Crosby Hits Holtby in Head


Jagr Headed To Calgary Flames

It's being reported that high profile free agent Jaromir Jagr has finally found an NHL home, agreeing to terms with the Calgary Flames. The Flames had a great season last year with a legitimate chance to win almost every night, and made a return to the playoffs. Getting swept in the first round seems to have ignited a fire … Continue reading Jagr Headed To Calgary Flames

Tom Wilson Faces Suspension Possibility For Boarding Major

Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson was at it again in St. Louis on Sunday when he took a boarding major against the Blues Sam Blais. The hit is being reviewed by the Department of Player Safety and comes just a week after Wilson received a two game suspension for an interference penalty, also against St. Louis. As such, … Continue reading Tom Wilson Faces Suspension Possibility For Boarding Major

NHL Teams Will be Penalized for Unsuccessful Coach’s Challenges

The NHL is making some good moves to eliminate some of the most attention grabbing problems of the previous season. This week, they confirmed the latest of at least four major rule changes heading into 2017-18. Players are already not allowed to change following an icing which means sometimes very tired players are stuck on the ice, allowing … Continue reading NHL Teams Will be Penalized for Unsuccessful Coach’s Challenges

Wilson Suspended For 2 Pre-Season Games

Washington Capitals tough guy Tom Wilson made his first Tough Call appearance of 2017-18 and the regular season hasn't even started yet. He was handed a two game suspension for his hit on St. Louis Blues forward Robert Thomas Friday night. The play was called interference on the ice, and there was no doubt about it. Thomas … Continue reading Wilson Suspended For 2 Pre-Season Games

2016-17 Playoffs Rigged?

If you're thinking there's been something off throughout the 2016-17 Stanley Cup Playoffs, you're possibly more right than wrong, but maybe not fully. A source close to a stepsister's stepbrother who happens to be a former roommate of someone who once bought a hot dog from a street vendor two blocks away from the Nashville … Continue reading 2016-17 Playoffs Rigged?

Wingels Must Be Suspended

With Ottawa's Tommy Wingels delivering a violent forearm to the head of Pittsburgh's Scott Wilson with less than 15 seconds left in game 5, the NHL's Department of Player Safety finally has an out. The time of the incident and the score are absolutely vital to the case for suspension, and it all boils down … Continue reading Wingels Must Be Suspended

Was Sidney Crosby Targeted?

Sidney Crosby suffered another concussion in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semi Final against the Washington Capitals.  It's awful. It's sickening. Hockey has become secondary and all I want to know is that he's going to be able to live his life the way he wants to. There is the issue of what to … Continue reading Was Sidney Crosby Targeted?