2016-17 Playoffs Rigged?

If you're thinking there's been something off throughout the 2016-17 Stanley Cup Playoffs, you're possibly more right than wrong, but maybe not fully. A source close to a stepsister's stepbrother who happens to be a former roommate of someone who once bought a hot dog from a street vendor two blocks away from the Nashville … Continue reading 2016-17 Playoffs Rigged?


Wingels Must Be Suspended

With Ottawa's Tommy Wingels delivering a violent forearm to the head of Pittsburgh's Scott Wilson with less than 15 seconds left in game 5, the NHL's Department of Player Safety finally has an out. The time of the incident and the score are absolutely vital to the case for suspension, and it all boils down … Continue reading Wingels Must Be Suspended

Was Sidney Crosby Targeted?

Sidney Crosby suffered another concussion in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semi Final against the Washington Capitals.  It's awful. It's sickening. Hockey has become secondary and all I want to know is that he's going to be able to live his life the way he wants to. There is the issue of what to … Continue reading Was Sidney Crosby Targeted?

Bad Hockey Fighting Precedent Being Set

There was an ugly incident in the OHL playoffs recently. Ottawa 67's player Travis Barron had his helmetless head slammed off the ice by Missisauga's Nicholas Hague as he was laying on the ice after a fight. The only video I can find of the cheap shot is the one from this article. Sadly, I've … Continue reading Bad Hockey Fighting Precedent Being Set

Brookfield Bantam A Elks Win Northern Conference Championship

The Bantam A Brookfield Elks captured the Northern Conference Championship Saturday. The Elks won an exciting 2-1 contest on home ice against Glace Bay in front of an estimated 150 cheering fans from both sides. Glace Bay brought a clean but physical style with them and didn't let up the entire game, but in the … Continue reading Brookfield Bantam A Elks Win Northern Conference Championship

What if Methot Slashed Crosby?

The Ottawa Senators will have to do without top 4 defenceman Marc Methot for a few weeks. His finger was mauled and it's all Sidney Crosby's fault. The Pittsburgh captain has had an interesting week. He made headlines for scoring a hat trick against Florida. He then headed to Buffalo and scored a one handed … Continue reading What if Methot Slashed Crosby?

Crosby Cheap Shots Ryan O’Reilly

Sidney Crosby scored a hat trick for the second game in a row, but this one wasn't on the scoresheet. His triple play against the Buffalo Sabres was more just a trio of notable highlights that will surely add fuel to the fire of the love him or hate him debate. In no particular order: … Continue reading Crosby Cheap Shots Ryan O’Reilly

US Women’s Hockey Players to Boycott Worlds

This article from espn.com states members of the U.S. Women's National Ice Hockey Team will boycott the upcoming World Championships beginning at the end of this month and being hosted in Michigan. The article contains an original statement from the players, and then expands on the following ensuing statements by both the players and USA … Continue reading US Women’s Hockey Players to Boycott Worlds

Shattenkirk Hit in a League of it’s Own

Newly acquired Washington Captial  Kevin Shattenkirk has been suspended two games for charging against Los Angeles defenceman Kevin Gravel. Shattenkirk literally launched himself into Gravel, cathching him square in the face with a flying shoulder block. I have no idea what he was thinking. https://youtu.be/IJI2l7k6AqI Video: SPORTSNETCANADA I thought two games was lenient considering the … Continue reading Shattenkirk Hit in a League of it’s Own