Coach’s Tribute: Paul Mason

On the first Saturday of each month I pay homage to one of my old coaches or mentors... #thankacoach Paul Mason is a lot of positive things to a lot of people and I've gotten to know more great things about him in the past few years. I first got to know him as a player … Continue reading Coach’s Tribute: Paul Mason

Coach’s Tribute: Brad Crossley

Brad Crossley has accomplished many great things in his coaching career. The stats, the teams, the big names he's helped push to the next level and the highest levels, can be found on the internet. Other notable achievements include: delivering on me the hardest check I've ever received, (he did so at practice. With no … Continue reading Coach’s Tribute: Brad Crossley

Coach’s Tribute: Phil Herritt

This month’s Coach’s Tribute is about a man who wasn’t technically my coach, but a life coach of sorts for thousands of us in the Cole Harbour Bel-Ayr Minor Hockey Association. Big Phil Herritt was one of the most generous men I’ve ever known, but I didn’t really know that at the time as a … Continue reading Coach’s Tribute: Phil Herritt

Coach’s Tribute: Lewis Page

Lewis Page has had a storied career in soccer as both a player and a coach. I first met him back in 1991 when he played for the Nova Scotia Clippers in the CSL. I don't know why or how, but some Dartmouth United youth players were lucky enough to be ball boys at these … Continue reading Coach’s Tribute: Lewis Page